Former Factory Remediation and Redevelopment

Industry: Manufacturing, Real Estate
Location: Northeast

ENTACT remediated a former factory site – slated for residential and retail redevelopment – that was impacted by multiple contaminants, including arsenic and lead. The property is in a dense urban area, divided by a city street and bordered by city transit and right of ways. ENTACT responded with an innovative on-site treatment approach that eliminated the movement of hazardous material off-site, shortening the schedule and reducing project costs.

The scope of work included on-site treatment and off-site disposal of 44,000 tons of non-hazardous material; on-site stabilization and off-site disposal of arsenic, volatile organic compound and contaminant-impacted soils as much as 16 feet below ground level; excavation and off-site disposal of chromium-impacted hot spot areas; utilization of benching and trench boxes for excavation support along the street, transit and ROW areas; and dewatering and water treatment.