Industry: Oil & Gas

Location: National

Results: Community, Energy Transformation, Infrastructure and Sustainable Environment

Integrated Solutions Leads to National Partnership

ENTACT regularly performs remedial construction, geotechnical construction, and civil construction activities throughout the U.S. and select international locations for a major integrated energy company. Our 20+ year relationship demonstrates our commitment and partnership to our Client. We work with the Client’s team, assisting with preliminary design evaluations, site engineering, remedy selection, and cost budgeting in the planning phase of its many projects.

We perform safe, effective, and cost-sensitive solutions at active and closed refineries, terminals, retail sites, oil field production sites and Superfund sites.  Past activities have included large-scale management of organic and inorganic impacted soils, sediments, and sludge; corrective action management unit (CAMU), cell and cap construction; onsite material consolidation; sheet pile installation; waste soils stabilization and solidification; bioremediation; chemical oxidation; demolition of tanks, buildings, and structures; wetlands restoration; aboveground and below-ground pipe removal or in-place abandonment; and site restoration.

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