Industry: Real Estate, Utilities

Location: Midwest

Results: Community and Infrastructure

Remediating Environmental Impacts Near an Urban Waterfront

ENTACT implemented in-situ solidification and stabilization at this former manufactured gas plant (MGP) to address the impacted materials. Through two phases of work, we successfully managed environmental conditions and prepared the site for redevelopment, while meeting our Client’s schedule and budget objectives.

ENTACT performed various activities, including demolition and removal, off-site disposal and recycling of building slabs and subsurface structures. We performed collection, management, treatment and discharge of MGP contact water; removal, reinstallation or protection of utilities; plugging and grouting of abandoned pipes; excavation and off-site disposal of over 25,000 tons of MGP-impacted soils; in-situ solidification and stabilization of 58,000 cubic yards of MGP-impacted soils up to 34 feet deep; and management of over 10,000 cubic yards of swell through immediate in-place grading or reconditioning and placement in a former building footprint.

Sustainable Remediation:

  • 700 tons of recycled concrete was used as fill material for backfilling
  • Asphalt removed during site preparation was crushed and reused
  • 108 tons of steel recovered from the demolition of structures was recycled
  • 9,000 gallons of MGP contact water was reused for onsite activities

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