Sanitary Landfill NPL Site

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Pacific Northwest

ENTACT was engaged to perform remediation services at a former sanitary landfill Superfund site. The work area is approximately 2 acres in size and requires the removal of an existing 30,000 cubic yard Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) cap and approximately 35,000 buried drums that were disposed of at the site in the early ‘70s.

Scope of work includes the construction of a 200-foot-by-350-foot container management area pad; design and installation of a steel sheet pile wall to protect an existing soil-cement-bentonite slurry wall; construction and operation of a water treatment system; construction and relocation of a 180-foot-by-126-foot tension fabric temporary structure equipped with an 100,000-ACFM air handling system; excavation and removal of 60,000 cubic yards of clean and impacted soils; identification, hazcating, removal, sampling, overpacking, bulking as necessary, profiling and off-site transportation and disposal of waste materials. All work performed within the temporary structure is being performed in Level B PPE.