Coke and Gas Site Uplands Removal Action

Industry: Utilities, Real Estate
Location: Midwest

ENTACT performed a non-time-critical removal action of the 45-acre uplands area of this former coke and gas site, in preparation for commercial redevelopment.

The overall scope of work included demolition and removal of 38,000 cubic yards of surface and subsurface structures; resizing, crushing and screening 53,000 cubic yards of stockpiled debris for reuse on site; removal of 3,900 wooden pilings; excavating 30,000 cubic yards of non-affected overburden soil for on-site stockpiling and use; excavating and consolidating  50,000 cubic yards of source material for in-situ solidification and stabilization (ISS); ISS treatment of 230,000 cubic yards of designated soils; placing backfill in excavated areas; dewatering and managing contact water and stormwater; and grading of disturbed areas.