Slurry Wall Construction Services

ENTACT brings experienced personnel and specialized equipment to our slurry cutoff wall construction projects. For over 30 years, our team has installed millions of square feet of slurry walls throughout the United States.

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ENTACT has extensive experience with many types of slurry cutoff wall installations, including soil-bentonite and soil-cement-bentonite walls as well as cement-bentonite and cement-slag-bentonite self-hardening slurry walls, in various combinations.

We self-perform all work using seasoned slurry trench specialists and operators with owned equipment consisting of deep trenching excavators equipped with custom-fabricated extended booms, sticks and specialty trenching buckets. Additionally, ENTACT owns and operates a variety of slurry and grout batching equipment including automated batch plants, jet shear mixers, mixing tanks, silos and specialty pumps.

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Our slurry cutoff wall construction services include:

A variety of slurry applications

ENTACT has experience with many types of slurry cutoff wall installations, including soil-bentonite, cement-bentonite, cement-slag-bentonite, soil-cement-bentonite and composite materials. Depending on your site needs, we will recommend the best combinations of materials to meet your goals.

In-situ vertical auger soil-mixed walls

Using ENTACT’s custom-made in-situ vertical auger mixing equipment, we have the capabilities to design and construct subsurface structures by blending in-situ soils with a variety of cement-based grout mixtures to create excavation support systems and/or groundwater cutoff barriers. If needed, the excavation support system can be reinforced with steel piles and braced utilizing internal bracing with tie-backs as excavation depths and site conditions dictate.

Biodegradable biopolymer slurry trenches

Using biodegradable biopolymer slurry, ENTACT has the necessary expertise to construct groundwater extraction and injections systems for interception, collection and/or treatment of groundwater. Unlike the traditional trench sheeting and shoring approach, the use of biodegradable slurry to support an excavation provides a cheaper and faster installation method in certain applications.

Site dewatering using well point system

As a comprehensive service provider, ENTACT can extract groundwater to facilitate dry excavations below water table using well point systems.

Funnel and Gate and Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs) groundwater treatment systems

ENTACT is one of the few service providers that can install Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs) and Funnel and Gate systems for passive treatment of impacted groundwater using a variety of treatment media such as ZVI, GAC and Limestone. While PRBs provide continuous groundwater treatment curtains, Funnel and Gate systems tend to channel impacted groundwater using cutoff walls to a Gate containing the desired treatment media.

Slurry Cutoff Wall Construction Challenges. ENTACT Solutions.

Former Wood Treating Site



Slurry application


Wall size

Approximately 2,200 feet long and up to 45 feet deep

ENTACT implemented corrective measures at a 52-acre former wood treating facility that produced creosote-treated railroad crossties. After demolishing the on-site buildings, we installed a 2,200 linear foot soil-bentonite slurry wall to a depth of 45 feet below ground. This wall contained the source area and controlled groundwater migration from it. We also excavated and consolidated 17,000 cubic yards of PAH- and phenol-impacted surface soils, subsurface soils, and sediments and dewatered and backfilled a former water supply pond located in the containment area.

Superfund Site Slurry Wall Construction



Slurry application


Wall size

6,074 feet long, 3 feet wide and 17 to 45 feet deep (combined)

ENTACT completed slurry wall and cap construction at this Superfund site, constructing three soil-bentonite slurry cutoff walls around the perimeter of three perched water management areas. Installed at the FSD, FCD and DDA/LSD areas of the site, the combined walls were approximately 6,074 feet long, 3 feet wide and 17 to 45 feet in depth, meeting a permeability not greater than 1 x 10-6 cm/s. Our activities also included the construction of a cap consisting of GCL or geomembrane, a drainage layer, geotextile and topsoil spanning more than 30 acres.

Slurry Wall Construction


Mountain States

Slurry application


Wall #1 size

9,080 feet long, 30 inches wide and 65 feet deep

Wall #2 size

7,438 feet long, 30 inches wide and approximately (average) 30 feet deep

This client first hired ENTACT to construct a more than 9,000-foot long, 65-foot-deep soil-bentonite slurry wall keyed a minimum of 4 to 5 feet into the underlying competent bedrock. After the successful completion of the project, ENTACT was awarded additional work, including the construction of a 7,438-foot-long soil-bentonite slurry wall with an average depth of 29.4 feet and a total facial area of 218,677 square feet. The cutoff walls were required to minimize dewatering efforts and facilitate dry mining operations, while ultimately allowing mined pits to serve as a surface water storage reservoir upon decommissioning.