Geotechnical Construction

ENTACT expertly delivers geotechnical construction services to address environmental impacts and strengthen subsurface site conditions for development or expansion.

Let Us Meet Your Challenge.

The ENTACT team is committed to our clients, offering in-house construction capabilities and engineering/geotechnical expertise to identify and deliver your best solution. In our 30-year history, we’ve worked with native and imported soil, and constructed support systems in all types of environments. 

Put Us to Work

Our geotechnical construction services include:

Ground stabilization / settlement and
liquefaction mitigation

Relying on the expert results of our in-house treatability lab, we can best predict soil-mixing solutions or adjust solutions on-site, preventing costly downtime.

  • Soil mixing and mass solidification
  • Soil-cement and overlapping columns
  • In-situ gravity retaining walls
  • Hydraulic cut-off walls
  • Shallow excavator mixing
ground stabilization work site
sheet pile

Earth retention, excavation and structural support

We regularly install support systems to stabilize and strengthen work areas, enabling our clients to meet their site objectives.

  • Steel, vinyl and HDPE sheet pile walls
  • Benching and sloping
  • Trench box and slide rail systems
  • Auger cast piling
  • Cement and slurry grouting

Barrier and slurry wall construction

Our experience includes the construction of slurry walls using a variety of materials, including soil-mixed, soil and/or cement bentonite, and slag cement.

geotechnical construction barrier slurry wall