Environmental Remediation

ENTACT’s environmental remediation practice runs on 30 years of experience and a team of experts committed to delivering solutions.

Let Us Meet Your Challenge.

ENTACT brings technical expertise, project experience and company capability to every client project. With so many in-house resources − including our own treatability lab − we implement work accurately and safely. We also offer solutions that are cost-effective and stick to your schedule.

Put Us to Work

Our environmental remediation services include:
excavator digging hole for ground stabilization


Mass excavation and the handling of difficult materials are some of the things we do best – and we have the experience and in-house equipment to prove it.

Cap and containment

Our portfolio includes the construction of cap and containment systems on sites across the U.S.

  • Construction of CAMUs, engineered containment cells, repositories and RCRA-compliant composite capping systems
  • Placement of geotextile and conventional soil covers
  • Phytoremediation cap installation
  • Installation of leachate collection, leak detection and gas venting systems
  • Construction of perimeter slurry walls and hydraulic containment systems
cap containment work site

Sediment remediation and dredging

We have the specialized equipment and experienced employees to expertly complete your sediment remediation needs.  
  • Environmental dredging
  • Sediment dewatering, solidification and stabilization
  • Bypass pumping and diversion systems
  • Streambank and shoreline stabilization
  • Channel configuration and stabilization
  • Subaqueous capping

Water treatment, management and dewatering

Our experience includes dewatering, water management, and water treatment.

  • Design, construction and operation of temporary and long term water treatment systems
  • Surface water and stormwater collection, management, and treatment
  • Groundwater treatment
  • Landfill leachate collection and treatment
  • Coal Ash Pond (CCR) dewatering and treatment
  • Water resource remediation
  • Design and installation of fixed well point extraction systems
  • Portable point source dewatering systems

Pipeline removal and abandonment

ENTACT possesses significant national experience with pipeline abandonment and removal activities in urban, rural and remote areas.

  • Asbestos wrap abatement and lead paint abatement
  • Tapping, draining, vacuuming and pigging lines
  • Abandonment via concrete slurry
  • Abandonment via nitrogen inerting
  • Plugging or capping pipe ends

Mine reclamation and remediation

ENTACT remediates and restores both active and closed mining properties.

  • Soil and sediment removal
  • Residential cleanups
  • Smelter closures
  • Earthwork/mine reclamation
  • Decontamination and demolition of mine and mill structures
  • Cap and containment system construction
  • Barrier wall construction
Mine reclamation project
workers working on a residential environmental remediation task

Residential remediation

Our Residential Remediation Program offers clients specialized experience learned through the remediation of more than 9,500 residential lots, parks and schools.

  • Excavation of impacted soils
  • On-site stabilization
  • Transportation & off-site disposal
  • Demarcation barrier & backfill placement
  • Landscaping/property-specific features replacement
  • Dust removal & interior cleaning

Decommissioning, decontamination and demolition

ENTACT has some of the industry’s most diverse experience with the capability to solve problems both above and below ground.

demolition of existing structures