Industry: Chemical

Location: Southeast

Result: Sustainable Environment

Perimeter In-situ Solidification and Stabilization (ISS) Barrier Prevents Contaminates from Migrating

This 84-acre wood preserving site was added to the National Priorities List in 1997, due to contaminated groundwater, soil, and sediment from over 30 years of wood treating operations. While multiple cleanup phases had occurred over the years, the prior remedy was deemed inadequate, and ISS was selected as the revised remedy.

The scope of work included conducting an ISS demonstration before full-scale implementation; removing, stockpiling, and replacing clean, overburden soils; ISS of 15,400 cubic yards of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL)-impacted soils; abandoning monitoring and injecting wells; installing concrete cloth in ditches adjacent to the railroad; hand-excavating riprap within a gas line right of way; grading of the entire site; managing stormwater; and restoring the site with vegetation.

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