Industry: Chemical

Location: Southeast

Result: Sustainable Environment

Multiple Remediation Locations Required Multiple Solutions

ENTACT performed remediation of nine former phosphate fertilizer production and manufacturing sites to address lead- and arsenic-impacted soils, sediment, and groundwater. ENTACT partnered with our Client to navigate the complexities and requirements of this multi-facet remediation project.

Sites were in commercial, residential, and industrial zones. Tidally influenced areas were located adjacent to navigable waterways, marshes, uplands, and active rail lines and major highways. While scopes varied in magnitude at each site, work typically involved excavation and off-site disposal activities, sediment removal, in-situ and ex-situ solidification and stabilization, demolition, placement of amended backfill for groundwater remediation, restoration of wetlands, installation of soil covers, remediation of residential properties, and general site restoration activities.

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