Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Northeast

Result: Sustainable Environment

Four Phase Project Restores Site, Wetlands, Stream, and Wooded Area

ENTACT was engaged to perform a four-phased remedial action project to support the decommissioning of this former glass and super alloy additives manufacturing facility.

Due to historical and metallurgical operations conducted at the site, metals and radiological impacts were present in soil and sediment on the property and off-site, consisting of wetlands, a stream channel, and wooded upland areas. Phase 1 of the project addressed the impacted materials on the property limits, and Phases 2, 3, and 4 addressed the impacted materials that had migrated off-site and required remediation.

Phases 1 and 2 scopes entailed the excavation of 12-inches from the stream channel and 6-inches from the adjacent banks and floodplain for a total removal of 6,540 cubic yards over a 7-acre portion of the site. Tasks included:

  • onsite material transport, handling, storage, conditioning, and loadout,
  • importation and placement of approximately 4,940 cubic yards of select fill and approximately 1,600 cubic yards of highly organic select fill meeting site-specific sediment Ecological Screening Values,
  • installation and operation of an active stream bypass,
  • construction water dewatering, treatment, and discharge,
  • restoration of wetlands with plantings, seed, and mulch, and
  • installation of a 1-acre asphalt cap.

Phases 3 and 4 were similar in scope with a total removal of 3,960 cubic yards over a 6-acre area, which included importation and placement of approximately 1,305 cubic yards of select fill and approximately 2,655 cubic yards of highly organic select fill. Ancillary support tasks throughout the project included:

  • surveying and maintaining site controls,
  • procurement of local permits,
  • air monitoring,
  • dust control,
  • installation, maintenance, and removal of soil erosion and sediment controls, and
  • site access road construction and improvements.

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