Industry: Utilities

Location: Midwest

Results: Energy Transformation, Infrastructure and Sustainable Environment

Experienced Team, Skilled Implementation Translate into Project Success

For this 300-acre wet fly ash impoundment closure, ENTACT conducted a multiyear phased approach for the project. Closure construction started with draining surface water via pumping or digging temporary drainage channels in the deposited ash to direct water to an area immediately behind the main dam. As we managed the surface water, we excavated the exposed fly ash and relocated and/or regraded the surface to meet subgrade elevations across the site.

Work progressed from the highest to lowest elevations across the impoundment to protect and manage stormwater during construction. ENTACT completed the project safely and within the Client’s timeline with close coordination of onsite activities. Over 5 million cubic yards of ash and soils were managed at project completion, and 300 acres were capped.

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