Industry: Publicly Funded

Location: Midwest

Result: Sustainable Environment

Closed Canal Remediated and Restored for Public Use

ENTACT performed remediation of mercury- and lead-contaminated sediments from an approximate 3,600-linear-foot segment of a closed canal.

A temporary remediation support area was constructed with two dredge processing cells, a temporary water pretreatment system area, multiple staging areas along the canal, and a temporary water management system to complete the task.

We performed the mechanical dredging of ~30,000 cubic yards of sediment from a floating barge assembly, dewatering and conditioning of sediments, and characterization, transportation, and off-site disposal.

ENTACT finished the project by the placement of a subaqueous cap and cover system consisting of 14,000 cubic yards of granular backfill within the canal, placement of 26,800 cubic yards of granular fill and topsoil for construction of a multiuse path, and restoration of canal banks with coir fabric and seed.

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