River Dredging Project

Industry: Oil & Gas
Location: Northeast

ENTACT performed dredging of petroleum-impacted sediments from this major river system resultant from a spill event. The scope included construction of temporary facilities, such as a stockpile management area, dewatering pad, laydown area, office facilities, etc.; construction of a temporary access haul road connecting the staging area to the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) causeway and over the flood levee structure; capping an upstream outfall; dredging 1,300 cubic yards of impacted sediment from 0.5-3.8 feet deep from the river; dewatering of sediment, moisture conditioning with Portland cement as necessary, and off-site transportation and disposal of 2,500 tons; management and off-site transportation and disposal of construction water; backfilling the river bottom with 2,450 tons of stone; removal of temporary roads and the causeway; and site restoration, including regrading, revegetation and installation of erosion control blankets.