Remediating On-Site in a Dense Urban Area




Manufacturing, Real Estate


Remediate an impacted property to prepare it for redevelopment

A former factory site – slated for residential and retail redevelopment – was impacted by multiple contaminants, including arsenic and lead. The property is in a dense urban area, divided by a city street and bordered by city transit and right of ways. Construction activities remained on hold until site remediation could take place.  

ENTACT combined its remedial technology, construction skills and urban construction expertise to develop and implement a solution that achieved regulatory and redevelopment goals.

ENTACT Solution

ENTACT responded with an innovative on-site treatment approach that eliminated the movement of hazardous material off-site, shortened the schedule and reduced project costs.  Using our in-house treatability capabilities, we developed and implemented a successful solution that rendered hazardous material to non-hazardous levels before off-site disposal.

The Results