Remediating Multiple Locations with Multiple Solutions






Remediate eight former phosphate fertilizer production and manufacturing sites located across commercial, residential and industrial zones

ENTACT performed remediation of eight former phosphate fertilizer production and manufacturing sites with variable site conditions and current use. Our client needed a partner that could navigate the complexities and requirements associated with this effort. 

Additional site complications included the existence of lead- and arsenic-impacted soil and sediment, and the proximity of job sites to active rail lines and major highways. ENTACT accepted the challenge, completing remediation services and restoration work, to increase the value and function of these sites.

ENTACT Solution

With multiple sites requiring remediation, our client needed a dedicated partner to complete this large-scale project with accuracy, efficiency and expertise. 

These projects each had unique and challenging requirements. In addition to on-site treatment, the conditions included difficult excavation, subsurface and overhead conditions, and sensitive restoration concerns.

The Results

Project Award: Flawless Execution Safety Award received from the client
excavator digging out piles of dirt and grass