Multi-Use Redevelopment Property

Industry: Real Estate, Oil & Gas
Location: West Coast

ENTACT completed several phases of remediation at this high-profile redevelopment driven project. Activities included excavation, stockpiling and reuse of over 75,000 cubic yards of overburden; on-site crushing and reuse of over 30,000 tons of concrete; excavation, stockpiling and off-site disposal via gondola rail cars of 205,000 tons of petroleum impacted material; demolition of over 75,000 square feet of on-site structures; installation of an 8-inch water line; cleaning and removal or in-place abandonment of underground piping that ran through the site, an additional five miles that ran beneath city streets to the formal terminals; management of recovered product; backfilling and restoration of city streets; and site backfill and restoration. Due to the proximity of the San Francisco Bay and the depth of excavation, a dewatering and sump system was installed around the perimeter of the excavation zone to minimize water infiltration. Over 48 million gallons of water was collected, treated and discharged into the sanitary sewer.