LNG Liquefaction Soil Stabilization

Industry: LNG
Location: Gulf Coast

Our client’s goals included expanding a liquefied natural gas terminal for three LNG trains, a common gas pretreatment unit, and a dock. Before construction could begin, the ground also needed improvement to support the complete turnkey LNG facility.

ENTACT performed mass stabilization of over 2,275,530 cubic yards of soft dredged sediment and fill soils. We accomplished in-situ stabilization with 16 excavators working atop timber mats, along with the pneumatic delivery of Portland cement via custom-fabricated conveyance boxes. Prior to stabilization, we cleared and grubbed the site; constructed board access roads; performed stabilization pilot tests to confirm correct soil solutions; excavated and hauled more than 925,000 cubic yards of soil and material from 26 cut areas; and backfilled and compacted over 1 million cubic yards of soil and material within 31 distinct areas.