Integrated Solutions Leads to National Partnership




Oil & Gas


Partner with the client, providing comprehensive services to meet reoccurring remedial and construction needs

A major energy company needed a partner it could trust as a fully integrated construction provider. Safety, consistency and high-quality work were requirements as the client worked to complete remedial construction, geotechnical construction and civil construction activities throughout the U.S. and in select international locations.

ENTACT joined this client’s team, assisting with preliminary design evaluations, site engineering, remedy selection and cost budgeting in the planning phase of its projects.  

ENTACT Solution

To provide the best service, ENTACT built an internal team to mirror the client’s requirements. We perform safe, effective and cost-sensitive solutions at active and closed refineries, terminals, retail sites, oil field production sites and Superfund sites. Our client relationship has continued for more than 18 years, validating the commitment and partnership ENTACT brings to every project.

Past activities have included:

The Results

Project Award: Best-in-Class Performance Award received from the client