Industrial Complex Remediation and Redevelopment

Industry: Chemical, Real Estate
Location: Southwest

ENTACT performed remedial activities at this 2,200-acre industrial complex in preparation for mixed-use redevelopment. Using our internal technical and treatability skills, we developed a remedial solution that would reduce the site’s high moisture levels to target objectives. This process included geotechnical evaluations, soil mixing, free draining, dewatering and reagent evaluations of source materials. To maintain an efficient schedule, we performed critical items concurrently throughout our phased, multiyear site approach.

Major scope items included the removal of 3.9 million cubic yards of waste soil, sediment and sludge; phased construction of an on-site, 53-acre corrective action management unit (CAMU); concurrent placement of the amended on-site waste materials within the CAMU; design and installation of a steel sheet pile retaining system to enable excavation of pyrophoric waste, blended volatile organic compounds and polychlorinated biphenyls up to 50 feet deep; and installation of an RCRA Subtitle C geosynthetic and soil cover system over the CAMU.