Former Waste Oil Recovery Facility NPL Site

Industry: Oil & Gas
Location: Gulf Coast

This National Priorities List Superfund site required remediation and geotechnical construction services to remove contaminants impacting its 150 acres. The former waste oil recovery facility site included numerous above-ground storage tanks; two API separators; a large, elevated sludge impoundment; and a small cemetery. The location, which is bordered by a bay, is also near a closed waste disposal site, city landfill, and undeveloped marsh and wetlands.

ENTACT implemented a phased approach to reduce the overall schedule, allowing construction to occur concurrently with design submittals and approvals. The scope of work included demolition of above-ground tanks, buildings, process vessels, piping and other structures; installation of a 40-foot-deep, 3,300-linear-foot perimeter soil-bentonite slurry wall; installation of a vacuum well-point dewatering system; construction of a 30-acre cell; excavation of over 200,000 cubic yards of impacted soils and rubble; in-situ solidification of 300,000 cubic yards of subsurface source material and sludge; backfill of the sludge pit and excavation areas with clean fill; and importation and placement of more than 60,000 tons of riprap for shoreline protection along the bay.