ENTACT: The Solution To Your Next Environmental Dredging Project

The Importance of Environmental Dredging

In the U.S we have over 95,000 miles of coastlines and 25,000 miles of navigable waterways. Industry, commerce, and urban and rural spaces coexist along the many miles, preserving a rich diversity of ecological environments and enhancing a vibrant domestic economy. People and companies near these areas function as good stewards and work hard to sustain and maintain them.

Environmental dredging is a service essential to maintaining the viability of these areas. This service facilitates the removal, treatment, and transportation of impacted sediment material. After remediation is complete, stabilizing and restoring areas where environmental dredging has occurred returns industrial facilities, ports and waterfront properties to their original condition or better. This is commonly a part of urban renewal and revitalization efforts.

Choose ENTACT for your Environmental Dredging

ENTACT is a leader in environmental dredging services. We approach each project by incorporating the client’s goals and objectives and applying our proven approaches and experience. Examples of our environmental dredging experience include in-situ treatment, removal, and subaqueous capping of impacted sediments from lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, tributaries, flash flood basins, coves, marshes, ponds and lagoons. Often these remediation projects require substantial wetlands protection measures or direct mitigation for impacted wetland systems.

To successfully complete all our environmental dredging projects, we rely on specialty equipment that features embedded software for positioning and grade control and is designed to work in saturated soils and flooded conditions. ENTACT has a dedicated in-house treatability lab for soil and sediment analysis for dewatering, solidification, and stabilization remediation.

Another advantage of working with ENTACT is that we are nationwide and prepared to deliver service anywhere. By self-performing the work, we manage costs, schedules, health and safety, quality, and accountability for a positive client outcome.

ENTACT provides a comprehensive approach to remediating and restoring your impacted site. Our more than three decades of technical, regulatory and project execution experience enable ENTACT to deliver successful environmental dredging project services quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today to get started on your next environmental dredging project or learn more about our environmental dredging services.